LÆNE SCANDINAVIA is activewear label based on hi-tech and eco-holistic lifestyle.

Everyday luxe Clothing with Scandinavian minimalist design, extreme sportswear functionality, ethical hi-tech materials and manufacturing. The product based concept offers individually designed, developed and tested pieces for everyday active life from indoors to outdoors.






LÆNE SCANDINAVIA presents everyday luxe clothing with Scandinavian minimalist design and sportswear functionality made with ecologically certified hi-tech materials and manufacturing.

LÆNE – has its origins in the Finnish word “LAINE”, meaning wave and a motion of water. The company has its roots in the Finnish coast of Gulf of Bothnia. Evolved from the pure nature and cold harsh winds of the sea, minimalist aesthetics and functionality are inherited characteristics of the label.

LÆNE SCANDINAVIA is a responsible label. From the very first raw material to design, production and customer care is made with the most sustainable and straightforward way. The designs are ergonomic, timeless and versatile. We have carefully selected the best possible materials. We think the everyday clothing should be functional like sportswear, comfortable like relax wear and stylish like fashion, yet sustainable. Therefore we have combined all these features. The clothes have qualities like heat and moisture control, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, easy to wash, dry fast, keeping their form, luxurious outlook, ultimate comfort, 4-way elasticity, durability, UV block, suitable for sensibly skins. One of the most innovative features of our garments is that they are partly constructed with unique bonding technique which gives them a sleek stitch-free look. To avoid any undesirable irritation we use heat transfer labels for the logo and care instructions. We operate only with ecologically certified material manufacturers. Our garments are individually carefully handmade in Spain. The company operates nearly 100% in online and leaves very little pollution behind.