Everyday luxe clothing with Scandinavian minimalist design, extreme sportswear functionality, ethical hi-tech materials and manufacturing. The product based concept offers individually designed, developed and tested pieces for everyday active life from indoors to outdoors.

LÆNE – has its origins in the Finnish word “LAINE”, meaning wave and a motion of water. LÆNE SCANDINAVIA has its roots in the Finnish coast of Gulf of Bothnia. Evolved from the pure nature and cold harsh winds of the sea, minimalist visuality and functionality are inherited characteristics of the label.

LÆNE SCANDINAVIA is an eco-holistic label. From the very first raw material to design, production and customer care is made with the most sustainable and straightforward way. Our manufacturing in Portugal is Bluesign and Oeko-tex certified, wherein the seamless knitting and the stitchless bonding significantly reduces energy consumption and offcuts. The designs are ergonomic, timeless and versatile. And operating nearly 100% in online the company leaves very little pollution behind.

LÆNE SCANDINAVIA is a Finnish company, which operates from Prague, Czech Republic, Europe and ships world wide.




We tested the UV BIKE-JACKET and love it! This minimalist design jacket is a must have!
— Fashion Hunters
I found the coolest pants for training from LÆNE Menswear!
— Johan Pakkanen, Finnish National Ballet
These clothes makes me want to jump up and head to the rain and dark for run!
— Jaana Eskola, Helsinki
After class you can just go to your next stop, and you don’t understand, I would pay anything for that, because it makes my life easier, and I don’t have to carry a million clothes with me.
— Roger Smith, SoulCycle instructor NYC
The coolest looking activewear line I have ever seen. You make me want to work out!!
— Sustainably Chic